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How we do it


We customize our offerings. We tailor the training and presentation material to meet your specific needs, whether it be at a college or university, business or company, or non-profit organization. We have extensive experience in developing presentations for conferences and conventions. We can also develop on-going consulting programs, multi-day residencies, one-to-one executive coaching, keynote presentations and so much more!


Who we are


We founded High Impact Training in 1995 with a mission to change people’s lives. Our consultants inspire, motivate, and empower others. They educate participants in a way that engages their interests and encourages them to reach their maximum potential.


Why we do it


Our consultants help you to keep pace with change. We provide new perspectives and fresh ideas that create both immediate and long-lasting results. Our professionals also reinforce and validate initiatives that may be already occurring within your organization. We know you’re busy. And we know you could probably do some of these programs yourself. However, our consultants bring a high level of credibility to their work, which is much appreciated by our clients. By taking advantage of our services, you can save preparation and presentation time to work on your other priorities – yet you can be assured that competent professionals are delivering your message.



Your presentation was enlightening and motivated our students and employees in a proactive manner. Your message, ability to relate to students, and your sense of humor was greatly appreciated by all and will have a lasting effect.

- Oakton Community College
  Des Plaines, IL



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