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Billy McLaughlin

Billy McLaughlin was a rising star and a Billboard Top-Ten bestselling artist in the highly competitive music industry until the sudden onset of an incurable neuro-muscular disorder called Dystonia left him unable to continue playing his music. Billy shares how he learned one of his biggest life lessons: there truly is life after diagnosis!


Since his comeback, organizations around the world have asked Billy to share his story. He has been described as "the walking, talking, music-making example of the 'impossible' giving way to persistence, innovation, discipline, and creativity." Through an innovative mix of music, storytelling, and disarming humor, Billy offers a new perspective on overcoming challenges. He inspires audiences to action, proving that nothing can hold you back from creating the success you desire. This truth is music to the ears that comes straight from the heart.


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in his own words


"I've been on stages playing guitar for decades, but sharing my story and inspiring others to stop underestimating their own potential is truly my life's calling. Our goals are not set high enough if they do not include the impossible! We need to believe in ourselves and each other. Once we truly begin working together I believe all things are possible."


It was really inspirational. He did such a great job just being himself and brave enough to share his life journey with us.

- College of St. Benedict/St. John's University
  Collegeville, MN


programs & topics


Rethinking Impossible: "Completely Impossible" Today is "Totally Do-able" Tomorrow

Billy shares how achieving the impossible simply requires clarity of purpose, commitment to mission, and celebrating each step on the path to your goals.


Silence is Not an Option: Making Noise is Making Change

This program explores how silence is not an option when you want to achieve your goals and dreams.


What Now?: Innovating at Core Levels Takes Courage and Persistence!

This program gives easy-to-remember steps to help participants move past the pain of change into the joy of innovation.


Finding New Ways to Do It

Without sounding like a parent, Billy shares that learning is the key to creativity, and college is the doorway to the future - not just for individuals, but also for our community, nation, and world.


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